About Us

We ❤️ remote work.

Why we built RuuM

Vision & Mission

We believe that remote/flexible work is here to stay and it will give millions of people the unprecedented freedom to choose their physical workspaces the same way they pick out a daily outfit. 


The option to work from home is great, but it comes with a great danger if you stay stuck in it – isolation. Having interviewed hundreds of seasoned remote workers, the ideal setup (for your mental health and productivity) seems to be –  to work from a cafe/coworking space for about 4-6 hours on 2-3 non-consecutive days per week. This type of flexibility isn’t currently supported by any of the major coworking/remote work service providers, so we decided to do something about it. 


Our mission is to make sure that the huge benefits of remote work won’t get overshadowed by the few dangers that come with it – isolation being the most immediate and most dangerous one. We’ll work on finding solutions that’ll inspire and enable remote workers to find balance and happiness. 

Meet Our Team

Annika Helendi

CEO / RuuM
Having worked with remote-first teams for the past 9 years, I'm really just solving my own problem with RuuM.

I want to have flexibility when picking a workspace for a day and I want to work among friendly strangers in an inspiring, safe and cozy work environment.

Helena Helendi

COO / RuuM
Remote work enabled me to make huge life change and move from cold and dark Estonia to a small Italian city on the coast of Adriatic sea.

Changing my environment like this has been life changing and it's a huge privilege to be able to design my workdays (and life) around my personal preferences. I'm hoping that more people will discover the beauty of flexible work by using RuuM platform.

Have some feedback or ideas to share?

We’re always looking to get fresh insights from remote workers who want to fight the isolation and loneliness. Tell us what we can improve on RuuM!